What if we could talk to elephants and have them talk back to us?

A film project currently in production, DO Elephants Go To Heaven?, will explore why elephants deserve the same rights as humans.


The team will film and work with renowned animal intuitive, Danielle MacKinnon, and safari guides in Africa to help understand what elephants are experiencing in captivity and in the wild. The film will document many different tales of elephant struggle and compassion, like the tragic journey of Zimbabwe’s kidnapped baby elephants, destined for zoos in China and 50-60 years of misery in captivity.

Academy Award winning Director and Producer Louise Hogarth of Dream Out Loud Films will explore the question from the elephants’ point of view in her new documentary. The film will examine how elephants and humans are not that different – and how in 2015 elephants need our protection and compassion more than ever. Unlike many films in this genre we will not focus on the horrors of poaching.

The rights of animals are making headlines around the world.  France’s Parliament just officially recognized animals as “living, sentient beings” rather than “furniture” in January 2015, formally updating a status which dated from Napoleonic times. If humans could show the same compassion for elephants as elephants show other species, we could save these sentient beasts from extinction.

For example, an animated short from the upcoming film, titled A True Tale of Elephant Compassion, shows an elephant bravely coming to the rescue of a baby hippo.

The project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. A successful raise of $50,000 (or even better, reaching our $100,000 stretch goal) will allow Dream Out Loud Films to continue production on this important film. Learn more at www.dolfilms.org 

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E: info@dolfilms.org

Twitter: @dolfilms

Facebook: www.facebook.com/doelephantsgotoheaven 

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Watch our short video filmed with the elephants at Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle. Renowned animal intuitive, Danielle MacKinnon, communicates with the elephants who express their despair at having “nowhere to go, nowhere to go”.

Director Louise Hogarth is also the founder of the DO Ubuntu Orphan Bracelet Campaign.

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