Speak Up for Elephant in Solitary Confinement at Romanian Zoo


Please sign this petition to help Tania out of solitary confinement!

Target: Dr. Lesley Dickie, Executive Director of European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA)

Goal: Move Tania, an elephant being kept alone at a Romanian Zoo, to a more appropriate living situation as quickly as possible.

The rules are clear: according to the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), elephants are not to be kept alone. However, Tania, a 37-year-old female elephant living at Romania’s Targu-Mures Zoo, spends her days by herself in a concrete cell. Urge the EAZA to stand up for Tania and grant her the conditions to which she is entitled by law.

Tania’s cell at the Targu-Mures Zoo is indoors and the floor is bare, In Defense of Animals (IDAUSA) reports. She has no interaction whatsoever with other elephants–a grave problem, since elephants are highly social animals. Tania, who apparently also spent 20 years alone at a French zoo prior to being moved to Targu-Mures, is very much affected by her dismal living conditions: she rocks back and forth regularly, an indication that she is in distress.

Zookeepers claim that Tania must be isolated because she does not get along with other elephants. However, the EAZA clearly states that zoos must keep female elephants together in groups. Tania must be allowed the opportunity to interact with other elephants; if she proves incapable of getting along with them, she should be moved to a sanctuary where she can choose how and when to interact with others. Sticking her unceremoniously in a cold, barren cell is not an appropriate course of action.

Tell the EAZA to stand by its own guidelines and stand up for Tania. Sign the petition urging the EAZA to investigate Tania’s situation and take immediate steps to procure better conditions for her.

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