Dream Out Loud Diary: Life After Kickstarter

We can’t believe it’s been just over a month since the DO Elephants Go To Heaven? kickstarter ended. The team at Dream Out Loud Productions have been so busy since the campaign finished so we wanted to take a moment to tell all our friends and generous supporters what we’ve been up to…

We were absolutely delighted to have smashed through our initial $50,000 goal and even more so, to have secured a supporter base of more than 580 people to come on this journey with us. With such fantastic backing behind us we knew we were well positioned to make this documentary the enormous success it needs to be to help save elephants. But, with great power becomes great responsibility and so, skipping a celebration (we’re saving that for release day!), we got back to work.

Sourcing and making plans to deliver our Kickstarter rewards has been a huge undertaking and one met with excitement and terror in equal measure! It really is a small team effort here propped up by volunteers, friends & family lending a hand. Even Director Louise’s eighty year old mother was recruited to help package and post the DO Ubuntu Bracelets. We have had to make the difficult decision to remove the Tribal T-shirt from our rewards package as with only nine orders we could not make a print run economically viable. We would like to thank the backers at this level for their understanding and generosity of spirit in this matter. We are so pleased to be able to give something back to our generous donors and are on track to deliver the remainder of the rewards on time by August 2015 – probably before! Watch out for alerts on Facebook and keep checking those mailboxes!

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 17.02.28

Did you know your purchase of a bracelet not only supports DO Elephants Go To Heaven? but also AIDS orphans in rural South Africa?!

The Director’s Club Private YouTube channel has been set up and all those who backed at this level will receive a notification by email when we have uploaded our first video. This will be around the time of our first post kickstarter ‘on-location’ shoot…

Our initial plan was to fly out to Africa to film almost as soon as the Kickstarter campaign had finished. We have decided to postpone our flights by a few weeks as we have a lead on a captive elephant, now living in The United States, who was imported from the wild in Zimbabwe many years ago. We believe that filming this elephant, now in terribly ill health both mentally and physically, will allow us to better tell the story of the current crisis-situation facing Zimbabwe’s elephants and demonstrate why elephants must not be sold into captivity.

Alongside working to secure this shoot we have been continuing to build our network of international supporters and contributors and have a number of exciting locations, projects and elephants to film with in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We have also been in contact with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and discussed the prospect of incorporating their augmented reality elephant, Laura, into our documentary. We believe augmented reality elephants can replace living elephants in a captive setting and offer even greater stimulus for visitors and learners. The benefits are greater still when you consider that what you see will be the true representation of a wild elephant; an elephant in captivity is a shadow, a whisper even, of it’s wild counterpart.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 16.58.50

We want to show that all captive elephants could be replaced with augmented reality ones like IFAW’s Laura.

We have also added two very exciting new members to our team. Lynn Webb has joined the team as a Producer. Lynn brings with her many years of expertise in producing documentaries and feature films and will be a fantastic asset to the Dream Out Loud team.

As well as an animal communicator we will be working with a former Veterinarian and vibrational healer. This unique combination of sensory animal communication, behavioural study and veterinary knowledge will allow us to gain greater insight into the fascinating world of elephants from a previously undocumented perspective.

All that remains to say for now is thank you for supporting us and following our journey. This stage of production does not appear to be very eventful from the outside looking in but rest assured we are beavering away behind the scenes to ensure this documentary delivers on its promise. Stay tuned for more updates, join our mailing list or follow us on Instagram where we will share photos from the field.


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