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We Must Join Forces Everywhere To Stop The Slaughter Of Elephants And Rhinos.

They Feel Pain, They Know Suffering.

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DO Elephants Go To Heaven explores the devastation caused by the human belief that we are separate from animals and nature. Like us, elephants feel joy, experience sadness, pain, pleasure, grief, all the emotions we feel. They are conscious of themselves as individuals, there are many examples of elephants showing compassion and coming to the aid of another species in danger. Watch an Elephant Tale of Compassion.

When the consumer buys a little ivory statue of Buddha or Jesus, they don’t make the connection that a living elephant was murdered for that statue and in many cases a baby orphaned. We are filming and working with elephant whisperers to help us understand what elephants are experiencing in captivity and in the wild. Unless humans change their hearts, minds and action, elephants could be extinct by 2025. Our ultimate goal: to raise global awareness of why it is morally wrong to cage or kill these magnificent, highly intelligent creatures. This film will broadcast in Mandarin.

Dream Out Loud Productions is a non-profit, 501©3, created to use media to increase public awareness about critical social issues. In our distribution and outreach we partner with a wide range of organizations to spread our message. Botshabelo Orphanage featured in Angels in the Dust received thousands of dollars, for orphan support, as a direct result of our outreach, distribution and the film itself. Inspired by the woman and children featured in Angels, Louise founded the DO Ubuntu Orphan Bracelet Campaign, she hired 65 rural woman crafters to handcraft the orphan bracelet. Bracelet sales continue to support two orphanages and two safe houses. We are creating a new bracelet and additional products derived from elephant poo, such as notebooks and notecards; to support elephant orphanages in Africa after the release of DO Elephants go to Heaven?

The crafters we employ are some of the poorest, in Africa; we quickly learned it was almost impossible to open bank accounts for our crafters. Only after we formed the woman into co-ops, expensive time consuming process, was it possible to open bank accounts and pay their salaries. We have decided to pay the next generation of crafters with Bitcoin. This process will be documented, step by step, woman creating bracelets and Poo Poo products, receiving their wages via a Bitcoin wallet, shopping at local stores, entering the new digital age in rural Africa.

Don’t you agree that our children deserve a world inhabited by elephants? Please join us on this exciting journey and become part of the solution today.


Animals Are
Sacrificing Themselves,
Into Painful
In Order To Help
The Human Race

– Danielle Mackinnon
Animal Intuitive


Our Task
Must Be To
Free Ourselves…
By Widening
Our Circle Of
Compassion To
Embrace All
Living Creatures
And The Whole Of
Nature And Its

– Albert Einstein

Organizations Making A Difference

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