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Viewer Reactions

Donald Taylor – Tampa Bay,Fl.

“I had the sordid pleasure of viewing The Gift last night as part of the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and was extremely moved by it. I am a 25 year old, gay male who is and wishes to remain negative. Your unflinching tail of HIV, seroconverstion, bareback parties and the other things touched on throughout the stellar documentary challenged me to renew my commitment of safe sex only.”

Kim de st Paer

“…Even now, with HIV infection rates on the rise, our testing hours are being cut because some believe there is no longer a need for an honest prevention message. The need IS there and you awaken people to that need. Too many continue to try to find reasons for being complacent and for not being their brothers’ keepers.”
Letter to the Louise Hogarth from Kim de St. PaerSupervisor of an Anonymous HIV Testing Center

Eric – West Hollywood

“First of all WOW! I was so shocked to see that there are people so delusional and mixed up that they would infect themselves with this disease merely to find a place in the world.”

George – Miami

The bottom line is that your creation was a vehicle of truth, a truth that both comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable.

Mariela – The Netherlands

“I saw the movie. From the beginning till the end I was shocked and amazed how people are thinking these days. I have told to friends that they must see the movie. Why??? That’s the biggest question that goes around in my head. Don’t they love themselves or is it something else why they are doing it. And the parties they were giving to receive death. A party for me is to have fun, not to receive a present of death. My love goes out to Doug and to the makers of the movie. Maybe some people will change their minds before getting “the gift.” A present that is not as pretty as they thought it was!!!!!!”

“A 21-year-old man says he never has known anyone who has died of AIDS. He said he worries about becoming infected, but he still sometimes ‘barebacks,’as unprotected anal intercourse is called. ‘It feels good,’he said. Some gays return to high-risk sex as AIDS fears fade'”.
Erica Goode The New York Times