Meet the Team


Louise Hogarth

Louise Hogarth is an Academy Award winning filmmaker. Her documentaries provide a platform for very difficult subjects and have dealt with such issues as HIV/AIDS, ORPHANS and LGBT rights. Her work brings to light true stories about people and events with the intention of inspiring a call to action and accelerating social change.

Hogarth is the founder of Dream Out Loud Films and the DO Ubuntu Orphan Bracelet Campaign a revenue-generating project that employs women living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa and supports two orphanages. She supports 175 orphans in Africa from money generated from the sale of the DO Ubuntu bracelets.


Lynn Webb

Lynn Webb has produced several award-winning feature films and documentaries including, among others,  A Dog Named Gucci, Empowerment Project: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things, Love & Taxes, Walter: Lessons From The World’s Oldest People and Seducing Charlie Barker. Lynn is currently in post- production on Olympia Dukakis: Undefined, and Midsummer in Newtown. She is also in production on Zombie Holiday, an animated feature film scheduled for release in 2017.  Lynn is a passionate animal rights activist and strives to make films which shed light on these difficult issues.

Animal Communicator

Liesl Kruger

Liesl has practiced as a professional animal communicator for 8 years and has a deep passion for enabling and assisting each being to reach his or her highest potential. To this end, she has been studying and practicing alternative healing techniques for a number of years. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Liesl has worked with humans and animals worldwide in order to facilitate a higher level of understanding and compassion between animals and humans as more people are seeing the need to recognise their connection with all beings.