If Not Now…


If Not Now…

In 2008, Dream Out Loud Productions, was hired by, Los Angeles based, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) a global health organization providing medicine to more than 200,000 patients in 28 countries; to direct and produce a documentary in six countries, Kenya, Uganda, Mexico, India, Estonia and the United States. AHF was launching a new campaign to test one million people around the Globe, Testing Millions Campaign, a new testing program launched by AHF.



Director: Louise Hogarth
Writer: Louise Hogarth
Producer: Terri Ford
Louise: Hogarth
Editor: Mike Murphy
Camera: Jo Higgs
Ex Producer: Michael Weinstein

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is a global organization providing cutting-edge medicine and advocacy to more than 200,000 patients in 28 countries. We are the largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the U.S. A truly independent voice in our mission to rid the world of AIDS.

Do You Ubuntu?

The Orphan Bracelet Campaign helps AIDS orphans by equipping their primary caretakers – usually women – with the means to sustain themselves and improve their health.

DO Ubuntu

A House for Mariam

While working on If Not Now, in Uganda, I met a family living in a dirty dark cave built over eighty years ago. In all my travels in Africa this was the most extreme poverty I had ever encountered. Terri Ford, my Producer, and I were determined to help this family; we vowed to raise enough raise to build a new house for Mariam, filled with food and new clothes for the family.

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In less than a year, Do Ubuntu bracelet purchases, and donations helped raise $4000 to build a home for Mariam!