Dream Out Loud Films has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Your support and a successful raise of $50,000 (or even better our $100,000 stretch goal) will allow Dream Out Loud Films to raise global awareness of why it is morally wrong to cage or kill these magnificent sentient beings. DO Elephants Go to Heaven? will open a door to a new elephant world starting in Zimbabwe and ending in China.

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In our upcoming film DO Elephants Go To Heaven? producer & director Louise Hogarth will explore how elephants and humans are not that different – and how in 2015 elephants need our compassion and protection more than ever. Unlike many films in this genre, it won’t focus on the horrors of poaching or abuse. Instead, it will show us just how human elephants are. Like us, they feel emotions, joy, and grief. We are filming and working with elephant whisperer, Danielle MacKinnon, and leading elephant conservationist to help us understand what elephants are experiencing in captivity and in the wild.

Please join us on this exciting journey and become part of the solution. Donate today. Dream Out Loud Films is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


Watch An Elephant Tale of Compassion, a true story and part of the inspiration behind DO Elephants Go To Heaven?. Like humans, elephants feel joy, experience sadness, pain, pleasure, grief, all the emotions we feel. They are conscious of themselves as individuals, there are many examples of elephants showing compassion and coming to the aid of another species in danger. Louis Locke, a Safari Guide, witnessed this true event in 2012 in Botswana.