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Nothing short of wondrous.
– Sara Cardace, New York Magazine


Cry if you must-then go to and do something.
– Ella Taylor, Village Voice


The children’s painful, intimate stories humanize an incalculable crisis and will haunt audiences long after the film’s end.
– Critics’ Pick, Laura Kern, New York Times


A moving, stunning example of unadorned filmmaking.
– Neely Tucker, Washington Post


It thoughtfully illuminates a seemingly unsolvable problem while proving that one person really can make a difference.
– Jeff Shannon, Seattle Times


Writer-director Louise Hogarth shrinks an enormous issue down to human terms.
– Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times


One of the most staggeringly straightforward looks at death I’ve ever seen. The movie’s grace note is its subtlety.
– Wesley Morris, Boston Globe


Audiences will be drawn by the children’s irresistible spirits and by Cloete’s fierce blend of goodness and outrage.
– Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times


An inspiring portrait of a saint battling for the lives of the sick and forsaken in a frightened and superstitious world.
– Bill White, Seattle Post-Intelligencer


It’s not just children whom Marion Cloete and her family are rescuing in the de facto orphanage and school they’ve set up in rural South Africa, but childhood itself for these pint-size refugees from rape, child prostitution, hunger and — above all — an AIDS epidemic that’s killing by the hundreds of thousands.
– L.A. Weekly Movie Critics Pick of the Week